My Everyday backpack from Built for athletes

This bag is with me wherever I go. I mostly use the larger 45 liter bag so I can easily get training clothes, shoes, food for the day and computer down. 

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My daily supplements 

The supplements I use is to support my performance, recovery and overall health 


- Core Protein pro

- Core Carbs

- Beta Alanine 

- Creatine


Recovery :

- Core Carbs 

- Core protein pro

- Magnesium 

- Zink 


- Vitamin D

- Vitamin B12

- Omega 3

- Probiotic premium

Some of my favorite outfits 

When I pick training clothes the fit and function is very important for me and if it also look good then it´s a GO. 

All my outfits comes from Born Primitive collection. You can find discount code on previous page " Sponsors".