Mikaela Norman 






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I started as a kid to play basketball and continued for 10 years at a high level. Unfortunate a herniated disc in my back stopped me from playing. The main focus in the rehabilitation was to get stronger and that´s when I stepped into the gym at the first time. After a while the competetive side of me needed challange and something to compete in, I was not satisfied. I was introduced to CrossFit on a education and it was with a mix feeling of fear and motivation I saw the challange .  The massive challange to become a competitive CrossFit athlete was the reason I started. I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to work to become the best in the sport and that’s when the journey started...

After 9 years as a high level CrossFit athelte I was introduced to a new sport, Hyrox. At my very first Hyrox competition I broke the Hyrox world record in Women Pro. After that weekend I was hooked in the sport and a new goal was on the map; to become the world champion in Hyrox.

-The passion for challage is my driving force. 

- The passion for hard work help me overcome feras.

-The passion for work has put me where I am today. 

Name: Mikaela Norman

Birth: 1st of April 1993

Nationality: Sweden

Education: Physiotherapist, Bachelor of Economics, Personal trainier.

Work: Elite Athlete, Acountant. 

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Driven by passion:


-Crossfit SemifinalAthlete x 6 times 

-Crossfit Games athlete 2022

-Competed at the highest level for 9 years with multiple event och competition wins around the world. 

-Hyrox athlete since 2022.

-Hyrox world record holder, women Pro.

- Hyrox world record holder women double. 

Hyrox World record 2022-11-26

Video: Eric Wittkopf